A streamlined approach to site building and theme development with WordPress
A comprehensive toolset for developing interactive websites & webapps

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At a glance

Works with new or existing WordPress sites & themes including WordPress Multi-Site

A fully encapsulated, object oriented code base that won’t interfere with other third-party themes or plugins.

White-label the plugin’s pages/menus/icons with your own names & branding.

Make use of open-source libraries and services such as Fontello, OpenID, Facebook API, PHP-Excel, NOAA Weather API, YouTube API, etc.

Responsive components adapt to any display size – deploy for smartphones, desktops, kiosks, wall surfaces or even billboards. The goal being write once run anywhere.

Strong focus on minification, simplification, optimization, modern design patterns, core WordPress design patterns, and open-web standards.

Rapid prototyping – build website prototypes in as little as 5 minutes! Use the numerous, fully responsive shortcodes and designs for fancy buttons, accordions, drop-downs, columns and more. They’re programmable! Shortcodes can execute Javascript on click.

Built for web browsers with modern capabilities, using HTML5 and CSS3 animation techniques to avoid hefty libraries and images. Legacy browsers are not invited to the party.

Extensive documentation, tutorials and use examples which are updated regularly to inform users of new features and possibilities.