Major progress! Getting real close to a release for version 0.2 now…

Following the release of version 0.1, I made a post on reddit to ask the community for some feedback. They provided a lot of useful suggestions (mainly code corrections) which I’ve taken the time to address in version 0.2. Most if not all of the suggestions/issues from that reddit discussion have been implemented/corrected, including:

-Using a class/OOP model for better namespacing (avoids having many globals and very_long_global_names)

-Fixed some unnecessary inline calls to wp_enqueue_script; this is now handled via action hooks.

-Now using the WordPress core jQuery/jQuery UI instead of custom CDN versions to avoid breaking plugins and compatibility.

-Data is now being sanitized in key places.

-Session is still being used against recommendations. It works well (see my previous post about this) and if it becomes an issue it can be changed easily.

-Cleaned up and unified a ton of comments/wording.

-Eliminated the custom ajax endpoints; this is now handled via wp_ajax_* action hooks.

-Admin notices have been rewritten for the class/OOP model.

-Will be looking into hosting at the SVN for version 0.2/0.3…

I’ve gone through the code and unified several naming conventions; shortcodes now include a ‘design’ attribute for setting the overall look/feel (the previous ‘class’ attribute no longer handles this and works generically as expected). Some shortcodes have multiple designs already and more designs will be developed/included in future releases or as separate add-on packs. Improvements to style/class/attribute names have been made across the board.

The Google Custom Search Engine feature has been converted into a shortcode which is simple to use and now allows for multiple search engines on one page –  [rp_gcse cx="my search engine id"].

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